The North Branch Area High School's girls soccer program is a highly competitive soccer program for our female student-athletes. It is an all encompassing program that goes beyond soccer and develops academic and social leaders and exceptional young adults.


Serve our student-athletes by creating a positive environment aiming for excellence & commitment in academics, soccer, social responsibility & leadership.


  1. Provide a positive culture of FUN and program wholeness.
  2. Develop our student-athletes abilities in all 4 pillars of soccer (technical, tactical, physical & psychosocial).
  3. Create a highly competitive program to focus on our standard of play as a result of our culture & player development.


Middle School

  • Entry level to soccer as a student-athlete.
  • Focus is on fun & basic soccer principles.
  • Players are able to get accustomed to the entire school program.
  • Players are able to learn various positions.
  • Development is the primary focus in lieu of winning.

Junior Varsity

  • The most competitive level of play immediately under varsity.
  • Includes all student-athletes grades 9-12 who are not permanently on varsity.
  • May also contain middle school players who have the physical ability to compete at the high school level.
  • Players will continually be monitored for ability to play at the varsity level.
  • Commit to full integration into the program's culture.
  • Focus is on developing our standard of play and level of competitiveness needed for varsity level of play.


  • The most competitive team & level of play within the program.
  • Comprised of those top players identified through the tryout process regardless of grade.
  • Have the ability to make a full commitment to the program & varsity team.
  • Individuals who represent the program culture in the best manner.
  • Goals are to compete at the highest level possible throughout the season in conference and post season play.
  • Winning is one of our goals, but we understand that it is a by-product of our program's culture and standard of play. It is our culture and standard of play that defines us.